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Grinding ground finish ball screw
grinding ground finish ball screw

Precision Grinding Ground finish ball screw assembly
Ball screw assembly is consisted of screw, nut and ball. The function is transfer the rotary motion into linear motion or transfer the linear motion into rotary motion. This is further extension and development of slide ball screw. The important significance of development is as same as change of bearing from rolling motion to sliding motion. Because of excellent friction function, ball screw is widely used for all kinds of industrial equipments and precision instrument. Especially in recent years, as linear motion function machine parts, ball screw is widely used in machine tools. It promotes the CNC development of machine tools thoroughly. These depend on following characteristics:

High transfer efficiency
balls with free motion transfer the force and motion between screw and nut in the ball screw assembly. This transfer wise replaces the traditional direct function wise between screw and nut. Therefore the minimum rolling friction takes the place of the sliding friction of traditional ball screw. The transfer efficiency of ball screw will reach more than 90%. The drive torque of transfer unit reduces to 1/3 of sliding screw. This reduces the heating largely.

High positioning accuracy
Ball screw has low heat rate and small temperature increase. In the machining the measures have been taken to prolong and preload so as to avoid axial clearance. Ball screw has high positioning accuracy and repeating positioning accuracy.
Ball screw has not sticky friction like sliding screw. It clears crawl which exist during transference. Ball screw can realize two transfer wise—from rotary motion to linear motion and from linear motion to rotary motion—and transfer momentum.
Long service life
Because of strict control of shape of running track, surface hardness and material, the actual life of ball screw is much longer than sliding screw.
Good synchronization
due to smooth running, avoidance of axial clearance and consistency of manufacture, several sets of ball screw can drive same unit or several same parts. The synchronization is good.

Structure type of ball screw:
There are 8 models of standard nut in our precision grind ground ball screw assembly. Otherwise in order to meet customer’s requirements, we can manufacture non-standard nut such as special shape ( quadrate nut, nut with axial lines cross ),special function ( high temperature proof and corrosion proof nut ) and over long specification ( lengthening, heavy load). Welcome to enquiry, if you have any requirements.

grinding ground finish ball screws FF Model
FF Model (Mini Model) FF Model
Mini Nut with small lead, special mounting dimension Small Mounting dimension is in the redial direction, easy mounting and no preload, As transmission (T type), There is a most wide application,.Taking Preload of bigger ball, ball screw is also used to positioning with lower accuracy ( P Type);

FFB Model FFZD Model
FFB Model FFZD Model

Small Mounting dimension is in the redial and axial direction, easy mounting , preload with single nut ,Small Comprehensive tolerance, It is used to precision positioning with middle and light load, Notice: If clearance appears due to friction, there is no way to take prepl0ad normally.

Small Mounting dimension is in the redial direction, easy mounting ,Preload with double nuts, it is used to all kinds of load and accuracy positioning ,there is a most wide application.

FFZL Model LR-CF (LR-CFZ) Model
FFZL Model LR-CF (LR-CFZ) Model

The radial dimension is the smallest, The axial dimension is the biggest, The preload is taken with double nuts, The outstanding excellence is that customer can adjust preload according to requirements by oneself,It is used for positioning with middle and low accuracy

There is smaller radial dimension, A part of space in the nut must be opened in order to avoid the prominent tube, It is no preload, It is used for high speed transmission with light load. It is also used for low accuracy positioning in means of preload by bigger ball (LR-CFR)

DGT Model DGZ Model
DGT Model DGZ Model

The radial dimension is just a little big ,The axial dimension is small. It is easy mounting and no preload, It is used for middle load and high speed transmission.

The feature is as same with DGF Model, It is no preload and much more used for gearing in which nut is running as main transmission.

About specification of above mentioned ball screw. Welcome to contact us for specific item no.

Safe use of ball screw

In order to make use of function of ball screw, ball screw must be lubricated in working condition. There are following lubrication methods:

Lubrication grease
The quantity of lubrication grease is generally 1/3 of inner space of nut. Before the ball screw leaves factory, Lithium lubrication grease GB7324-94 2# has been brought into inner space of nut.
Lubrication oil
The quantity standard of lubrication oil is shown as Tab.16. But it is changeable as difference of travel, sort of lubrication, use condition( heat control). Please pay attention.

Tab.16 the quantity standard of lubrication oil( 3 minutes’ interval)

Shaft neck(mm)


¢4 ∼ ¢8


¢10 ∼ ¢14


¢15 ∼ ¢18


¢20 ∼ ¢25


¢28 ~ ¢32


¢36 ∼ ¢40


¢45 ∼ ¢50


¢55 ∼ ¢63


¢70 ∼ ¢100


¢100 ∼ ¢160


Dust-proof protection
Ball screw is as like as rolling bearing. If pollutant and strange thing comes into nut, ball screw will be worn soon. It is the reason to damage. So under consideration of pollutant and strange thing, the dust-proof protection unit (shield and lag) must be used. Ball screw will be protected completely.
In addition, if there is no strange thing, but there is floating dust, the wiper seals may be installed on the two ends of ball screw. User select suitable specification in the light of code rule according to requirements.

Please pay attention to following points to use ball screw:
Nut should work in the available travel. If it is necessary, limit unit must be installed on the two ends of travel in order to avoid that the ball fall when nut goes over-travel.
If the nut deviates screw or ball falls, please have a contact with us.

Because of high transmission efficiency, ball screw could not keep self-hold. When used to drive in vertical direction reverse transmission as a result of dead weight after the motion stops or motor is out of electricity should be prevented. There are many mechanisms to prevent reverse transmission such as worm wheel and arbor, Hydraulic braker, electromagnetic braker and overrunning coupler as well. If overrunning coupler is to need, we can design and manufacture for customer.

By installation of ball screw, pay attention to following points:
Ball screw is only used to take the axial load. Radial force and torque let ball screw have a bad load such as surface contact force. It will damage the ball screw forever.
Therefore, if ball screw is mounted in machine tools, note:
    1)The axial line of ball screw must be parallel with axial line of linear motion guide. The three points of bearing seat of two ends for machine tools and nut seat must be in same line.
    2) If nut is mounted,not is so near to supporting bearing as soon as possible.
    3) If supporting bearing is mounted,supporing bearing is so near to nut.

By nut is mounted, nut is so near to supporting bearing as soon as possible.

By installation ball screw into machine tools, do not uninstall the nut from ball screw. If necessary, help unit must be used. Otherwise ball screw will fall by installation. By installation nut, pay attention to following points:
1)The outer diameter of help unit is smaller bottom diameter 0.1—0.2mm.
2)The help unit must be near thread shoulder of ball screw.
3)Do not pay too much power to avoid damage nut by installation.
4)To avoid impact and be eccentric by setting installation hole

If there is any question .welcome to contact with us.

auto bearing & ball bearing

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