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Ceramic Ball Bearings

Bearing users can gain significant performance advantages by switching from traditional steel bearings to ceramic ball bearings. Bearing balls made of silicon nitride (Si3N4), an extremely hard non-metallic material rated for speeds up to 2 million dN, provide a set of benefits that open the door for innovative technology solutions.

Ceramic Ball Bearing Benefits

  • High speed, faster acceleration comes from a material only 40% as dense as steel, yet strong enough to deliver 30-50% higher running speeds with reduced skidding and a lower volume of lubrication
  • Greater accuracy is the result of balls with a 50% higher modulus of elasticity than steel. This greater rigidity means less of the deformation that leads to vibration and spindle deflection, thus increasing both component quality and productivity
  • Reduced friction leads to a host of benefits: longer life, less lubrication, energy efficiency, reduced sound levels and less heat
  • Non-conductive properties of a nonmetal like silicon nitride eliminate the pitting and fluting of raceways common in electric motor applications
  • Corrosion resistance of silicon nitride makes it more effective than steel bearing balls in the presence of water or corrosive chemicals
  • Longer operating life …5 to 10 times longer than standard metal bearings
CIE: Ceramic experts
Looking to put ceramic bearing advantages to work on a new or retrofit project? Make an CIE bearing specialist your first call. Our industry pros will help you find the right ceramic product for the application, choosing from a broad selection of in-stock and accessible components from the bearing industry’s leading manufacturers. Click here to contact us, and get things rolling with a new ceramic bearing project.

Chrome Steel Bearings

Chrome steel is one of the most popular materials used in ball bearings, thanks to its excellent durability and cost effectiveness.

Chrome vs. Stainless
In addition to its affordability advantage, chrome steel bearings outperform stainless steel in some important application attributes. The superior hardness of chrome steels make them quieter in operation than comparable bearings of standard 440 grade stainless steel. Extra hardness also gives chrome steel bearings a longer working life, when properly maintained, than stainless alternatives.
SAE 52100
The most commonly used chrome steel alloy in such applications is SAE 52100, a high carbon chrome alloy that can tolerate continuous temperatures as high as 120o C, with tolerances to 150o C on an intermittent basis. Bearings of 51200 require a protective oil coating on exterior surfaces to function effectively, making them unsuitable for environments which require a high degree of cleanliness or present the possibility of exposure to food products.
Low corrosion resistance
Despite its name, chrome steel actually has a low chromium content. This makes it prone to corrosion, rendering it less attractive than stainless steel or ceramic hybrid bearings in applications that require exposure to water or corrosive chemicals.
Ask an expert
For technical details or application advice on chrome steel bearings, turn to the experts at CIE. contact us to answer application questions, or to suggest a product from the CIE bearing selection that fits a specific friction prevention need.

Stainless Steel Bearings

CIE delivers the corrosion resistance and superior hardness of stainless steel in a wide variety of bearing types, ideal for applications in food/beverage, medical and other environments where moisture, corrosive or abrasive materials are present.

Two Types
Specifiers of CIE stainless steel bearings have a choice of two steel options, both providing excellent hardness characteristics and a high level of corrosion resistance.
0.7% C; 13% Cr
A 400 series Martensitic stainless steel combined with a proprietary heat treating process, miniature and instrument bearings manufactured from "DD" equal or surpass AISI bearings in hardness and corrosion resistance, and offer superior low noise characteristics. DD400 bearings commonly run smoother, last longer, and provide better performance at low torque.
1% C, 17% Cr, .5% Mo
A hardened , martensitic stainless steel, 440C is the standard choice for a wide range of military and commercial applications. 440C is suitable for applications which require corrosion resistance in a thermal range from room to mid-hot.

Application Expertise:
Engineers and purchasing professionals at all skill levels can count on the knowledge and experience of CIE specialists specifying bearings in stainless steel.  contact us for a cost estimate, or for further information on stainless steel properties and performance.

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